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ちなみに、曙橋のチベットレストラン「タシテレ」では、令和が「re wa」(希望)に通じてめでたい、天皇陛下の即位めでたいということで、水曜日より「REWA(令和)セット」の提供を始めました。お近くの方、お得なセットですのでどうぞ。


猊下はこう書かれた「あなたの 敬愛されている父上アキヒト陛下の、国家の象徴としての責任を果たしつつ、国民と親密に交流するという慈愛にみちたアプローチを継いだ、ナルヒト陛下のご決断を心から称賛します」




His Holiness the Dalai Lama on Wednesday congratulated Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito on his enthronement and the dawning of the new Reiwa era.

“I warmly admire Your Majesty’s determination,” His Holiness wrote, “to continue your respected father’s, the Emperor Emeritus’s, compassionate approach of interacting closely with the public, while fulfilling the responsibility of Symbol of the State.

“I have profound respect for the resilience of the people of Japan and for the way the nation rose up again from the ashes of World War II. In subsequent years too, Japan has faced unprecedented, natural disasters but has recovered thanks to a combination of hard work and strength of spirit. I have seen this with my own eyes when I had the opportunity to visit areas struck by the devastating earthquake and the tsunami of 2011. I met there with people affected by these calamities and we prayed together for those members of the community who had lost their lives.

“Over the last fifty years or so, during regular visits to Japan, I have deeply appreciated the interest and enthusiasm that people from all walks of life have shown in my efforts to encourage the cultivation of such fundamental human values as compassion and religious harmony.”

His Holiness concluded with a prayer that His Majesty’s reign will be successful, that the people will be happy, and that the new era will contribute to a more peaceful, compassionate world.
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